Water Veins

By and large, only water veins are known as undercurrent earth radiation to most people.

Water veins are underground rivulets, brooks, or rivers. They pass microwave radiation onwards, whose origin is assumed to be a stimulation through the neutron-radiation coming from the earth's core. Such underground watercourses are left-hand or right-hand polarized (like yoghurts).

Unfortunately, about 70 % of them are polarized in a left-hand spin, that means they are harmful to one's health.


Chemically speaking, one did not detect any difference between the two kinds of "polarizations" in the past. Although with the help of special photographic techniques such as crystal photographs and dark field microscopy, the striking differences become quite visible.

What is more, the "right-hand spin" watercourses have been famous as "holy waters" for centuries as well. (e.g. Lourdes in France, etc.).

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