Hartmann Grid

In 1951, the physician and radiesthesist Dr. Ernst Hartmann discovered a radiation grid surrounding the earth. He called it the "global-net grid". Today it is called the "Hartmann-grid" or "first grid".

Science presumes cosmic origins lie behind this radiation-grid, that is the electromagnetic insolation of the sun, the so-called "21-cm" wave, which corresponds with the frequency of the hydrogen atom.

The Hartmann-grid consists of "standing waves" which are magnetic, that means they are orientated at the earth's magnetic field.

In South Germany and in Switzerland, the distances of these irritant zones amount in direction North/South to 2,8 m, in direction East/west to ca.1,8m.The grid structure is therefore relatively close-meshed.


Sleeping on a Hartmann-grid leads mostly to muscle cramps. Modern medicine tries to dam these symptoms up by prescribing magnesium. But these symptoms are not necessarily indicating a lack of magnesium, but often their reason lies in the irritant radiation.

By the way: Bananas contain magnesium ;-)